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Windows Applications

i have a deep experience in windows programming with .NET tech , at start i perefered to use VB.NET for programming but now i like to write my code in C# :) .

  • CircOrder Automation(TIC Co)

    Circorder is a costume software for Telecomunication Company that store logical circuite orders and retrive it by uesrs.

  • NIMS Accounting System

    NIMS is an simple and mini acounting system for small business companeis.

  • FTP File Downloader

    FTP file downoader is a winodws based software used for download files from a ftp server in a paticular time , and set it for upload some file on ftp server in a managed time.

  • Windows Turbo Search

    if you want to find your file and everything that you store in your pc in a few second , just use this :).

  • Chrome Keyboard Extension

    Dawn Virtual Keyboard is an google chrome extension that provide a multi language virtual keyboard in browser,this extension support about 80 languages.

  • Chrome Green Payment Extension

    Do you care about online payments? do not be more , Green Paymanet Extension is a small javascript code to identify that you connected to right and safe payment gateway.

Web Design

Every day in my life spends for designing a new style and idea in HTML5's world , i love CSS3, it's so lite weight and better than JQUERY , although i like JQUERY too :D,i work with ASP.NET for my pages and web based Apps, Here is some of my webdesign ...

Graphic & Art

i have a great hobby , yeah it's graphic design and specially Logo desgin , a logo or a sign is the first thing that others can know about a company.